Invisible Loyalties

Who would execute a little old Jewish lady in the parking lot of Saks? When Miriam Lavin is found shot to death after a Friday night of shopping, the case falls to three police officers in Lower Merion, a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. The lead investigator is William Sutor, a middle-aged, never-married police lieutenant of German descent, living with his father, a rabid anti-Semite. Sutor is assisted by Rhonda Robinson, an ambitious African-American detective intent on moving up in the predominately male, white force, and Colin McKendrick, a reluctant cop who hides his discontent under a macho exterior. When Sutor falls in love with the primary murder suspect, Jewish literature professor Melanie Marconi, their affair interferes with the pursuit of justice. As evidence mounts against Melanie, the conflict between personal and professional conduct threatens to unravel the case and destroy Sutor’s career. Invisible Loyalties is a tale of family betrayal as well as one of friendship and love between people of different ethnic backgrounds and family experiences.

The Girls of ’54

The Girl’s of ‘54 is the story of five women, close friends for over 65 years, confronted with the startling arrest of one of them for the brutal murder of her husband. It is a book I hope you will represent.

Charlotte, Esther, Molly, Nora and Renee bonded in the bomb shelter of the Bryant Elementary School in West Philadelphia in the early 1950’s. Their friendship remains through arduous childhoods, promising marriages, spousal treacheries, the joy and troubles of parenthood, and shattering loss. When Esther’s husband, Don, is found murdered in his garage, and Esther is accused of the crime, the “girls” are determined to prove her innocence.

Child Development: Through Time and Transition

For freshman/sophomore courses in Child Development and Developmental Psychology (including adolescence) at two and four year schools taught in psychology, human ecology, human development, and early childhood education. To bring to life the colorful, fascinating and sometimes puzzling process of developmental psychology, this text uses the lives of famous individuals to illustrate development in action and introduce each chapter’s content. Through an analysis of the young lives of these individuals, students will come to understand how heredity and environment interact to mold development. Two main themes flow throughout the text: The child within his or her culture and the child within the family. Using these themes this text covers the main theories, research and applications of developmental psychology and illustrates how society, culture and the family interact with heredity to shape physical, cognitive, and social development. An engaging writing style, lots of solid practical information and interesting examples grab the student’s interest and further illuminate this subject.

Experience of Parenting, The

This authoritative based book explores the science of parenting — a body of knowledge built upon study, rather than opinion, and the work of experts who have conducted research in this discipline. It emphasizes that the parenting experience differs across cultures and social class, and acknowledges the impact time, place, natural circumstances, and expectations have on how children are cared for and raised. Coverage includes information on the decision to parent, learning to parent, and a historical perspective on the subject (with parenting experts throughout the ages). The various aspects of parenting, the interrelated forces that influence it, and developing the skills to deal with them, remain a focus throughout the entire book. For anyone thinking about becoming a parent, or already a parent, who wants a valuable resource of information to help deal with the complexities involved in raising a child.

Your Kids, Their Lives: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, Competent, Caring Children

Your Kids, Their Lives: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, Competent, Caring Children is a how-to book based on 40 years of research in child development and parenting. It clearly shows parents how gentle, patient and kind treatment of children in their formative years puts children on the right path for a lifetime. And it offers techniques that are most likely to produce youngsters who are creative, content and concerned about the welfare of others.

Psychology: A Biographical Approach

Psychology: A Biographical Approach, explores introductory psychology through the lives of actual people, both alive and dead, whose years have been filled with triumphs and tragedies, hope and despair, desire and love, loyalty and betrayal, and all the other elements of everyday human existence.  Though the lives of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Rachel Carson and others, readers will learn how emotion, motivation, psychopathology, learning and other psychological principles determine our lives.