Many of my friends have traveled to China, but I never want to step foot in a country that eats dogs and cats for dinner.  Imagine a place that has a dog meat festival, like the city if Yulin.  OK, call me a hypocrite.  I don't eat pork or lamb but I have to confess that on occasion I enjoy my son's amazing kobe burgers and spare ribs - and feel guilty with every bite. I"m working on this and give money to PETA to make up for this transgression.  But dalmatians and golden retrievers in open markets?  Come on.  Maybe the coronavirus pandemic will change Chinese minds about the consumption of companion animals, and there is evidence of small changes as middle class Chinese take in poodles and Border collies as pets. But change is slow.  And human behavior is consistent.  So in this lifetime, I'm staying out of China. For the record, Vietnam and other countries are equality guilty of such horror.  I'm not going there either.