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Regards to women everywhere.  I have started Malinda's Table in hopes of sharing what I've learned over more than 75 years on the planet and more than 50 years as a college professor, psychologist, and author.  This is not to be immodest but rather to present interesting, informative, and sometimes humorous bits of information to women who want to learn new things in subjects as diverse as history, relationships, children, books, food, music and the arts, and design.  I've also included a section on people who have left the table forever but are worth remembering.  I'm looking forward to a great response by intelligent women who sometimes have trouble being heard in our male-dominated society.  So join me at Malinda's Table.  Bring your thoughts and ideas.  Pull up a chair and become one with us.   

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Today I was thinking of the singer, musician, and actor Levon Helm because as I drove the forty-five minutes from my house to West Chester to see my grandchildren, I blasted the amazing Good Night Irene on my car radio.  It’s from the Live at the Palladium NYC New Year’s Eve 1977 album. Actually, it wasn’t exactly on my car radio; it came through it onto my blue- toothed hearing aids, which made it feel like Levon was sitting next to me in the car.  In case you don’t remember it, Levon played Loretta Lynn’s father in Coal Miner’s Daughter in 1980.  Before this, of course, he was the drummer for The Band.    I would have killed to attend a concert in his Woodstock barn, where he did his Midnight Rambles with great artists of the day.

Levon left the table in 2012 at the age of 71.  He died of throat cancer.  Bruce Springsteen said of him, “We get so used to hearing versions of the thing.  Levon is the thing.”  Once in your life, drive alone on a country road with your car windows open, playing Good Night Irene.  With or without hearing aids.