Malinda's Table

To: Malinda Muzi: PSYC 215 005 15A FA17 – Developmental Psychology

December 15, 2017 at 2:07am
Dear Professor Malinda Muzi,

This is ________

It is my honor to be one of your students. What you teach in class goes far beyond the content of the course. I never got boring but very interesting. It is a summary of your rich experiences and wisdom of life. your lecture enabled me to broaden my vision and to be open-minded. , it makes me to understand that life should be positive forward. I cannot indulge in the past and regret. Your philosophy is inspirational.

I am very grateful for the book YOUR KIDS THEIR LIVES that you introduced to me. I read it with my wife. We like it very much. The book speaks profound truth in easy-to-understand language. It brings together the experience and insights of you and many professionals. My wife and I are expecting our first child currently. It will give us an important guidance and help in rearing our child.

The book costs $15 and you gave to us for free. But I think it goes well beyond the value of $15 and it will benefit generations. Please allow me to pay you the book. It’s my appreciation and respect to you. I was supposed to give you the money back after the last class. However, I did not have cash at that day. Therefore, please allow me to send you a gift card.

Although I have moved to the United States for 12 years, I do not yet understand the American culture. So, could you please recommend me some good literatures, so that I could learn more and improve my self-cultivation.

Through this course, I have a better idea of human life span. Furthermore, I learned how to pursue and achieve a better life. No words can express my gratitude and respect to you. Thank you so much.



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