Malinda's Table

Psychololgist Martin Seligman suggests one way to be happier.  Conduct a Gratitude Visit

Assignment: I want you all to do this with me now, if you would. Close your eyes. I’d like you to remember someone who did something enormously important that changed your life in a good direction, and who you never properly thanked. The person has to be alive. Now, OK, you can open your eyes. I hope all of you have such a person. Your assignment, when you’re learning the gratitude visit, is to write a 300-word testimonial to that person, call them on the phone in Phoenix, ask if you can visit, don’t tell them why. Show up at their door, you read the testimonial — everyone weeps when this happens. And what happens is, when we test people one week later, a month later, three months later, they’re both happier and less depressed.


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