Malinda's Table

I love Westerns:  When I came home from work today I laid down in bed and put the TV on.  Showtime was featuring an old movie, Wyatt Earp, with Kevin Costner as the lead.  I found two things interesting about it, actually three things.  First, a young Wyatt tries to run away from home to join the army during the Civil War.  His father finds him and talks him into coming home.  On the way back the father says, “You know I have to wup you, don’t you.?”  Wyatt says, “Yes, Sir.”  Clearly getting hit by a parent was expected and accepted in the Old West.  Second, the father, at dinner, tells his many children, “blood is all that matters.  Anyone but family is a stranger.”  A common belief, even though it’s genes, not blood, that ties family. members.  Third, Wyatt married Sadie Marcus, a Jewish girl like me.  She was with him for 50 years.


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