IMG_0475 Lily, Charlotte, and Toby

A brilliant writer for Vanity Fair, John Homans recently died at 62 from colon cancer. He wrote What's A Dog For?, my favorite book of the year. As Homans points out, interaction with a dog increases the level of oxytocin in humans. Oxytocin is a hormonal stress reliever, and it lowers anxiety. You are more likely to survive a heart attack if you have a dog. Children raised with dogs are more empathic than those who are not. A man is more likely to get a date if he is a dog-owner. Dogs are less boring than most of the people you meet on a daily basis. Unhappy couples often stay together because of the dog; when the dog dies they get divorced. When a dog doesn't like a person, the dog is usually right.

John and Jarrett: I Think I'm Gonna Be Sad

December 8 marks a year that John Lennon was shot to death on the streets of New York, and I think it is appropriate that he be remembered for the singer, musician, poet, father and husband, and man of peace that he was. We, as a society, should also keep in mind the way John Lennon died. On the night of John Lennon's murder, I paced the floor unti...

Van Morrison and the Chieftains

Many years ago, my best friend Howard and I rented an apartment in Martha's Vineyard.  When we got there and entered the place, it was empty of all furniture.  Apparently there was a murder involved and we might have been homeless for the week.  The realtor offered us a lovely home on the bay as compensation for our inconvenience.  I sat on the porch of this beautiful house and listened to my favorite song over and over:  Van Morrison and the Chieftains singing,
John and Jarrett: I Think I'm Gonna Be Sad


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Monday, 20 May 2024

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