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A Life in Eight Parts

I wish I could tell you I’ve been a world traveler, scaled Mt. Everest, and biked across Canada. In truth, the closest I’ve gotten to these pastimes is to visit Paris on May Day, when it was closed, weekended in the Poconos at a time when an abscessed tooth kept in my cabin for 48 hours, and read the novel The Shipping News, about a weird guy who settled in Nova Scotia.

What I’ve been for more than seven decades is a daughter, student, teacher, psychologist, author, wife and mother, grandmother, and author again. To me, each of these personas constitutes different lives, as if the parts are greater than the whole.

Invisible Loyalties

Invisible Loyalties

Who would execute a little old Jewish lady in the parking lot of Saks? When Miriam Lavin is found shot to death after a Friday night of shopping, the case falls to three police officers in Lower Merion, a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. The lead investigator is William Sutor, a middle-aged, never-married police lieutenant of German descent, living with his father, a rabid anti-Semite. Sutor is assisted by Rhonda Robinson, an ambitious African-American detective intent on moving up in the predominately male, white force, and Colin McKendrick, a reluctant cop who hides his discontent under a macho exterior. When Sutor falls in love with the primary murder suspect, Jewish literature professor Melanie Marconi, their affair interferes with the pursuit of justice. As evidence mounts against Melanie, the conflict between personal and professional conduct threatens to unravel the case and destroy Sutor’s career. Invisible Loyalties is a tale of family betrayal as well as one of friendship and love between people of different ethnic backgrounds and family experiences.


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